Norwegian Elkhound
AKC Agility
AKC Obedience
AKC Rally
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UKI Agility
Norwegian Elkhound results for 2016
each report $5 for 2016
If you don’t see a venue/sport you’ve qualified in, send an email to, I’ll check to see if I have the details! In addition to the above results, I do have Result and Title details for: Barn Hunt, DOCNA, USDAA, Dog Parkour, Cynosport Raly, IWPA, NADD, Trick Dog, UKI AKC - Herding, Lure Coursing, Fast Cat, Tracking, Coursing Ability, Hunting, Earthdog, Coonhound events UKC - Agility, Obedience, Rally, Weight Pull, Dock Jumping, Drag Racing, Lure Coursing, Nosework 
USDAA Agility